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Mrs GP

"My name is Ghayaat Parker 48 yrs old and was diagnosed with Acromeglia in 2016. I developed a tumour on my brain and due to my condition; it affects my heart and soft tissue as it does not stop growing. If not treated it can result into heart failure or stoke.

I was introduced to Dr Roytowki as a neurosurgeon to have a look at my condition. Everything changed from that day. The idea of brain surgery was overwhelming but Dr Roytowski told me he has a less invasive method which involves only surgery through my nose. That was such a relief already. I was introduced to the ENT specialist and the Endocrinologist personally by Dr Roytowski. Knowing who will be involved in my process during theatre was reassuring.

Every step was explained to me to the extent that when it all happened I knew what the nursing staff had to do. From moment of surgery nothing matters as much as seeing the one person that holds your future in their hands which is your Doctor. My surgeon was the last face I saw before going into theatre and the first face I saw waking up. I cannot emphasis how much that play a role in your recover. I was in hospital for few weeks and every single day including weekends Dr Roytowski was at my bed side checking up on me and keep me posted on my recover. That was very reassuring.

I am stable in my condition now and being monitored on regular basis. I am still receiving treatment as Dr Roytowski was very forth coming that my tumour will not be removed completely due to its size and how it is situated.

The entire year after surgery, Dr Roytowski made a call to enquire about my well being and is still involved in my process currently. I am thankful to Dr Rowtowski and his team that assisted."

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